Ambience is an app for Boxee that allows you to choose from a large selection of images for your background. You can download the Ambience app by adding to your repositories.

Here you can upload or link to images so that later you can easily set them as your background.
Images must be at least 1280×720. Types supported : JPG, JPEG, and PNG

Link to an Image
Upload an Image

How it works:

Choose a Category…

Pick an image…

See how it looks full screen and…


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  2. KevinSartori says:

    I originally posted this comment a few days ago over at the Ambience release thread. It’s a pretty old thread, so I figured you might not be monitoring it any more.

    I’ve noticed when using Ambience on Boxee Box that the background gets goofy following a reboot. Fortunately, it’s not that big of a deal to relaunch Ambience and select the background again, but I was wondering if you plan on fixing this for Boxee Box?

    Also, I thought it would be cool to be able to load up the 0.9 default background with the latest 1.0 firmware. I also have Boxee on AppleTV and I looked through a bunch of the Boxee directories, but couldn’t find it there. I also searched online and couldn’t find it. Do you have access to that original background?

    Thanks for the cool app! It’s nice to be able to change the bland background!

  3. Mafaioz says:

    u uploaded a few, most cause i wanted some new changes :P should be a good scrape for you if you are looking for nice wallpapers


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