Fuzzthed.com is your home to see all the great 3rd-party apps released for Boxee. You can also add my all-in-one repository (dir.fuzzthed.com) and have every app on this site in your app box! Have an repository you’d like to add to the site? Just click submit and add your url in! Also don’t forget to check the support page for some tutorials and some apps for developing plug-ins.

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  1. no@thanks.com says:


    Works but most of the recommended pages here (dir.fuzzthed.com) etc do not work. You can see this in the Boxee bug report too. I could not get this to work until I got this address http://www.fuzzthed.com/repository/fuzzthed/ from the bug report

  2. Padrino says:

    I have a decent Boxee app that I would like to put onto a repository. But I don’t have a server I can set up a repository myself so I can submit it here.

    Are there any Boxee repository sites that will take App submissions.

  3. boxeeboxfan says:

    hello i seen that there are apps i can get for my boxee box? i was wondering how to download and install them if you could help me it would be nice thanks


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