Have issues deciding want to watch? Want  a more ‘tv’ experience than having to click on a new everytime one ends?
playanything pulls the files from your Boxee Database and makes random playlists of either movies, tv shows, or music.  Also added (although not shown in the picture below) is playQueue! Watch your queue from beginning to end!

Use . to skip forward and , to skip back between tracks.
Yes, this means there is now a ‘shuffle’ mode to play music in Boxee.

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  1. JesterDev says:

    Been looking for something like this! Just one request. Can you make it so it plays TV shows in episode order? I.e.

    Random Show 1 SO1EP1
    Random Show 3 SO1EP3


    Random Show 1 SO1EP2
    Random Show 3 SO1EP4

    Make sense?

  2. graveworks says:

    ANyone kn ow why I can’t get this app to work on the Boxee Box? All I get is an invalid signature message. Works fine on my PC.

    • Unfortunately, playanything does not work on the Boxee Box. Boxee has completely blocked access to the internal database so there is no way for me to retrieve files to play. I have asked for read-only access, but its a no go. :(

      So due to that, I didn’t even bother to update the app signature.

  3. santiago says:

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting this on Ubuntu 10.10? I can see the music in the repository, but Play Anything doesn’t find it. It also doesn’t find movies, TV shows, or the queue.

    I’ve tried restarting the computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Play Anything. I tried moving two movies into the queue, and asking Play Anything to find those, thinking maybe there were enough things in the movie list, et al, to require a long time for Play Anything to find them.

    At the moment, Play Anything doesn’t play anything on my machine. But it’s obvious the application works, because others are using it.

  4. santiago says:

    Woops! I just got your reply over on the Boxee forum. Please disregard this duplicate post.

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