Launch any application from inside Boxee! Applications are easy to add as well! Simply browse to the file, type a name in, and use the built in google-search to add a thumbnail for it.

Here is an excellent article on lifehacker about the app and how to use it.

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  1. cibertek says:

    Ok, im very confused. How do get the Launcher?

  2. fuzzthed says:

    Load up Boxee, and goto Apps. Open the left-side menu and goto the bottom where it says ‘repositories.’ Click “Add Repository” and type :

    Fuzzthed’s Third-Party Repository should show up in your list. Click on it.
    It may take a few minutes to load, so if shows up blank, try again in a 30 seconds.
    Scroll through all the new apps available to you, and look for “launcher.” Click on it and “add to my apps.” It will now show up in your apps screen.

  3. Jesse says:

    How can I contribute to the source for Launcher? I’d like to improve it by, among other things,

    * changing the format of registry.xml to make use of child elements
    * using LXML instead of BeautifulSoup
    * better matching the look of Boxee


  4. Hey Jesse,
    PM me on the forums (fuzzgtp)

  5. Rob Loach says:

    Very nicely done. Works well, and it’s easy to add new applications to the menu.

    I’ve noticed that the Xbmc version of the Launcher has launch arguments and allows you to select a file which you’d like to run with the application. This makes it very easy to run an emulated ROM file from Xbmc directly. It lists all the available files from within the menu and then runs the rom directly without you having to load it manually through the application.

    Any plans on adding this to the Boxee launcher?

  6. @Rob
    I’ll look into it. Hadn’t really thought about it like that as I have only used XBMC a handful of times.

  7. Jeff says:

    I found a little trick that some may find useful. You can put multiple commands into a single launch if you separate them by an ampersand. Then they are launched sequentially just like in a batch file.
    For example: dir&pause would do a file listing and then wait for you to press a key before closing the CMD window.
    I plan to use this for some PC games, where I would use daemon tools to mount the iso of the game disc, then run the game, then unmount the iso. (Yes, I own the game).

    This would only apply on Windows, but the linux shell allows a similar thing using semicolons. Might be worth investigating.

    By the way, how about adding categories so I could separate my SNES from my Genesis and so on?

  8. Paul says:

    I added your repository and was able to bring up a list of apps. I tested a few and many of them work, but the Launcher would not run and I was unable to add it to my applications list. I need a little help please.

  9. escape2mtns says:

    I just loaded the launcher last night on Boxee/Windows. Thanks for this excellent app! It works great except for a couple minor annoyances:

    1) I couldn’t actually “Edit”. When you choose edit it takes me to the “add” screen. So to edit something I really have to delete it and re-add it.

    2) When I launch Hulu Desktop and ultimately exit Hulu Desktop, on my windows box the task bar is at the bottom and Boxee isn’t re-selected as the “active app”. I had to grab a keyboard and touch Boxee with the mouse.

    3) I chose an icon to represent one of the shortcuts and I guess the icon wasn’t available on the web or something and it sent me back to the main “launcher” screen and somehow wiped out all the data for all the launcher apps I had setup. The name of each one was still there but the image and launch command was gone. I had to re-setup each of them.

    4) Along with #3, in case that happens again it would be nice to add a backup/restore/lock capability to the launcher commands.

    Just a few notes from my use. Thanks for this app!

  10. Corvin says:

    This application launcher could be the reason why i possibly starting to use boxee. I can watch movies and pictures and hear my music with other media centers too – but with this app-launcher boxee makes the huge difference. I hope the development will go on and i have some wishes :-)

    1. the command-prompt is a little bit annoying (i’m using Win7 x64), may be it could be hidden with vb-script or an other language

    2. sometimes when exiting an application launchend with the applauncher boxee the screen continues to run with the resolution of this application – so boxee needs a restart

    3. maybe it is possible to start the applications launched with the app-launcher directly from the app dialogue from boxee – not from the app-launcher

    4. maybe it is possible to group the applications (e.g. Browsers, NES,SNES, PC Games…)

    I wish i could contribute to your brilliant app directly, but the only language i’ve learned was a little bit of Java in the first term of my studys, and that was some years ago…

    I hope this is the right place for these suggestions :-)

    Best Regards,

  11. Nashtad says:

    I can’t see where to download Launcher. The icon doesn’t do it, and I can’t find any download link. Help?

  12. Nashtad says:

    So, there is nothing to download and install on my computer? Just go into boxee apps and add this line in repositories?

  13. Nashtad says:

    Yup – it’s really that easy. Thanks!

  14. DAVIDC262008 says:

    Quick question….i bought the Boxee D-link and downloaded your list of APPs..the “launcher” app is a great idea …but it doesnt show me any of my files from my external hard drive so i can i can use any of my applications..

  15. Valkyr47 says:

    I have to say, thank you so much for making “Launcher” i just got boxee setup and this is amazing. Im using it to launch all my classic games via emulators and it works like a charm, however i do have a few questions.

    Once i reached 13 apps and it started on the 3rd row down, i cant find a way to scroll? the rest of boxee just scrolls using the mouse wheel or moving the mouse down, but my bottom row of applications are cut off and im planning on adding way more (100′s). any way to scroll through a list of apps longer than 12?

    Also, im using local files for my application thumbnails and they look good, but i would like to know what the resolution is that you setup for thumbnails? i prefer to create the image size the same so that way boxee/launcher doesnt have to do any scaling for them and they are untouched

    thanks again!

  16. It should scroll down just like any other app. I’ll look into it, but this is the first report I’ve had like this.

    Looks like the default resolution for App images is 170×170

  17. tekstorm says:

    Just got your launcher app, this is a great app! Thanks for making this!

    As Valkyr mentioned, I also am unable to scroll down any further to view additional titles as I have added most of my NES roms. Plus it seems fairly touchy if you add more than 13 titles, if you try to add another title it will mess up your registry.xml. Luckily I created a backup prior so I could just replace the file but if not I would have had to redo all of my titles.


  18. jcanni says:


    Just Installed Boxee on a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard. Launcher installs but when I click on Home or Add, nothing happens–any ideas?

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