Movie Ripper App Updated to 0.5!

Fuzz's Movie Ripper 0.5

Fuzz's Movie Ripper 0.5

Yes, I have finally released an updated to my Movie Ripper app!  I have been working on this release for so long, I cant remember all the changes! But at least you can run my app on any OS now (well, should be able to!)


  • Support for all OS’s (I think!)
  • Plug-In Support! (tutorial coming soon on how to make your own plug-ins!)
  • New GUI (not as ugly, but still a bit ugly!)
  • Download only the plugins you need from inside the app!
  • Handbrake and CD2ISO support ready to download!
  • Removed the loading bar inside Boxee, it was buggy as hell and didn’t work right anyways.
  • Auto-Identify DVDs (kinda!)
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6 Responses to Movie Ripper App Updated to 0.5!

  1. banaan says:

    I can’t find the app on my Mac. Can see it on my Boxee box.

  2. WhatsHisName says:

    Tried this out with some of my movies but I’m not getting any results. Is there some hidden wiki that I could visit to verify settings for the plug-ins?

    I have downloaded and installed DVD43.
    Ripper Settings:
    - Media set to the DVD-ROM
    - Output pointing to a shared Video folder on the computer
    - Handbrake_Windows plugin enabled
    Plug-in settings:
    - No Suffix applied
    - Set to avi
    - Set to Classic (Unsure what this setting does)

    I then run the tool to recognize the DVD and then press the rip button.
    - A cmd box appears for a few seconds and then disappears.

    Nothing else happens. Are there other settings that I need to manually edit for the DVD43 connection? Or is that automatic? Does the DVD need to be in ISO format?

    As for additional features…Are there plans on adding a subtitle ripping as well? Or allowing resolution adjustments? (For those videos that prove troublesome with AR) Or allowing audio to be ripped into different formats? (for avi I would prefer VBR mp3, but for my mkv 5.1 would be preferred)

    • No wiki atm. What I try first, is run the boxee app, when the screen reaches the part where it launches handbrake, goto your boxee.log and copy the command line it is sending (should be printed there at the bottom)
      Next, download the CLI version of handbrake, and try that command line directly in it.

  3. mhungry says:

    The application gives an error when trying to install on Boxee Box. Same goes for PlayAnything. 11/9/2011, Boxee Firmware 1.2.2

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