It’s been a while….

Wow.. a year since my last update on here. I know alot of you have been missing me, but quite frankly, I’ve been busy!
My new daughter is 1 month old now. Things are far from calm, but I am hoping to get back into boxee dev soon. As I do this mostly as a hobby and for personal use, I just haven’t had the time to spare.

Of course, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said that was the only reason. The other major reason I haven’t been around is frustration! The Boxee Box stumped me pretty hard. I know a lot of users want the functionality i have in some of my apps, but it can be really frustrating to develop in. Not to mention, the one day I finally had PlayAnything working, they decided to lock down the database! (GRRR!)

There is also currently physical issues for me to develop on the B-box atm. Right now, the TV with my B-box is upstairs, while my entire computer setup is in the basement. That means when something doesn’t work, I have to run up and down the stairs each time I try a little bit of code!

Anyways, I’ll be back on the scene soon with some new updates, keep an eye out!

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3 Responses to It’s been a while….

  1. element says:

    Quick question. New to Boxee. I just added your repository. Almost all the Apps get an installation error or an invalid signature. I’m in the US. Are there significant limitations on what is available here..?
    Many Thanx

  2. tigergr says:

    Installed the hack that allows root access and have been looking at how to change the ugly background ever since. Ambience updates the gui.xml file with a custom BG, but this isn’t applied to all the sub menus. So far, I don’t see where it even gets the common background from and the include xml appears like a binary file – I would really appreciate some hints as to how to change the rest of the screen backgrounds…. there are xml files for boxee.browse.apps etc that I could add code to if I could figure out the format required. Desperate for some guidance on where to go with this.

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