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It’s been a while….

Wow.. a year since my last update on here. I know alot of you have been missing me, but quite frankly, I’ve been busy! My new daughter is 1 month old now. Things are far from calm, but I am … Continue reading

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Movie Ripper App Updated to 0.5!

Yes, I have finally released an updated to my Movie Ripper app!  I have been working on this release for so long, I cant remember all the changes! But at least you can run my app on any OS now … Continue reading

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Repository Updated again…

Found a bug in my site that would cause app updates not to show up if there was a dead repository on my site. Thanks to Iron Bill from who noticed it. Should be all gravy now.

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Repository Updated.

Was having some issues for a couple days with getting my repository to update. Finally located the issue and fixed it. If you hadn’t been seeing some of the new apps out, that’s why

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So one of my favorite video sites right now is  Now you can enjoy their awesome content inside Boxee! Get it from my repository now!

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Minor Update to Launcher and Goodbye Watchuwant

Released a minor update for Launcher. Version 0.7 is now available for download. Changes: *Fixed Google-Image Search as it has been broken since Google updated their site. *Fixed the left-side menu from looking ‘weird.’ Had the code for a while … Continue reading

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Have a Boxee site?

Let the world know! Just post in the comments of this post, i’ll check out your site. If I think its relevant, I’ll add you to my links! Thanks

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