It’s been a while….

Wow.. a year since my last update on here. I know alot of you have been missing me, but quite frankly, I’ve been busy!
My new daughter is 1 month old now. Things are far from calm, but I am hoping to get back into boxee dev soon. As I do this mostly as a hobby and for personal use, I just haven’t had the time to spare.

Of course, I wouldn’t be completely honest if I said that was the only reason. The other major reason I haven’t been around is frustration! The Boxee Box stumped me pretty hard. I know a lot of users want the functionality i have in some of my apps, but it can be really frustrating to develop in. Not to mention, the one day I finally had PlayAnything working, they decided to lock down the database! (GRRR!)

There is also currently physical issues for me to develop on the B-box atm. Right now, the TV with my B-box is upstairs, while my entire computer setup is in the basement. That means when something doesn’t work, I have to run up and down the stairs each time I try a little bit of code!

Anyways, I’ll be back on the scene soon with some new updates, keep an eye out!

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Movie Ripper App Updated to 0.5!

Fuzz's Movie Ripper 0.5

Fuzz's Movie Ripper 0.5

Yes, I have finally released an updated to my Movie Ripper app!  I have been working on this release for so long, I cant remember all the changes! But at least you can run my app on any OS now (well, should be able to!)


  • Support for all OS’s (I think!)
  • Plug-In Support! (tutorial coming soon on how to make your own plug-ins!)
  • New GUI (not as ugly, but still a bit ugly!)
  • Download only the plugins you need from inside the app!
  • Handbrake and CD2ISO support ready to download!
  • Removed the loading bar inside Boxee, it was buggy as hell and didn’t work right anyways.
  • Auto-Identify DVDs (kinda!)
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Repository Updated again…

Found a bug in my site that would cause app updates not to show up if there was a dead repository on my site.
Thanks to Iron Bill from who noticed it. Should be all gravy now.

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Repository Updated.

Was having some issues for a couple days with getting my repository to update. Finally located the issue and fixed it.

If you hadn’t been seeing some of the new apps out, that’s why :P

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So one of my favorite video sites right now is  Now you can enjoy their awesome content inside Boxee! Get it from my repository now!

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Minor Update to Launcher and Goodbye Watchuwant

Released a minor update for Launcher. Version 0.7 is now available for download.
*Fixed Google-Image Search as it has been broken since Google updated their site.
*Fixed the left-side menu from looking ‘weird.’ Had the code for a while now, Just didn’t think it justified the update.

Also, has been down for a good long while now. I kept hoping it would come back, but, alas, it is no more. So I removed the app from my repository. I have thought about creating this functionality with an app of own app, and I probably will in the future.

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Have a Boxee site?

Let the world know! Just post in the comments of this post, i’ll check out your site. If I think its relevant, I’ll add you to my links!

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Ambience – So I broke it ;(

Turns out in the rush to clean out my site, I didn’t think I needed to worry about backing my stuff up other than my database. Kinda forgot all the lovely images you had uploaded. So sadly they are gone. Going to go through the database today and remove all the bad links then I’m going to need some help replacing the content :(

Fortunately, the new uploader is ready! You just need to register with the blog and go here.

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So new design…

Since my site got hacked, figured I’d just try something new. Uploading to my Ambience is currently unavailable, but should be back up soon. Think I still have a few pages to convert, but Everything should be functional. Some of the tutorial links might link you to some wierd places. Oo

Now back to app dev!

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Site Temporarily down

Hey we’ll be back up soon. :)

Don’t worry, the REPO is still up


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